Ashwagandha pod

I’m using the spray every day as instructed but the sprays are not registering correctly on the app.


Thanks for posting @Megamum and wishing you happiest of birthdays today!! I hope you are being spoiled well and truly! :partying_face: :blush: :tulip: :love_letter:

When you have a moment following birthday festivities, it would be great to confirm whether your sofi pod is paired with the app, and showing the blue light when it does so (or the green light when it sprays).

More often than not, we find that the app will fail to record a spray unless you press swiftly, and all the way down on the sofi pod (which can require some strength)!

Look forward to understanding more about what’s going on and getting this solved! Enjoy the day! xx


It is paired and shows the blue light and a green light when being sprayed. It has also registered sprays when I have been sleeping

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Thank you for getting back to me @Megamum - I know a few others pioneers have reported sprays recording during sleep also, so we are taking a closer look and really appreciate the support while we devise a solution. :pray: