Back on sleepers 😩

I’ve had to start using sleeping pills which make me feel awful the day after :weary: I do go into a deep sleep for a good few hours but I hate the feeling the day after. Any other suggestions are welcome


Be careful with sleep medication it’s so easily addictive… maybe try guided meditation? There is loads of it on YouTube


I try guided meditation a lot then get interrupted with min wee gorgeous girl which I don’t mind but broken sleep with young ones hit a new level! My girl sleeps 10-12 hours straight yet I’m lucky if I get a full 60 minutes unbroken

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I’ve also been trying sleep hypnosis on YouTube but never stick to it

Not sure if it would help… look into self hypnosis… you can then drift off for 15 to 20 mins but get more out of the sleep… just a suggestion… self hypnosis is not for everyone but really effective :wink: