Cancer and this trial

Hi everyone, im still baselining, hoping to get onto the trial. Has anyone who is already part 9f the trial had a cancer diagnosis? If so does this help? I was diagnosed on 11th june, and am having a fairly big op at the beginning of October. My sleep is not grwat, if i get 4 hours im doing well,but its usually very broken, never asleep lo ger than 90 mins, so mo restorative sleep.


Hi there… although I do not have cancer, I have a severe and debilitating circadian rhythm sleep Disorder that causes/forces me to stay awake for 2-3 days at a time and also prevents me from being able to maintain ANY kind of regular sleep schedule at all…it’s horrible and has prevented me from being able to work at any regular/scheduled job as well as prevented me from being able to be involved in a normal relationship style…I am usually by myself, with my at of cats and 2 dogs…I understand the inability to sleep and I sympathize with u deeply about that, and also I am deeply sorry about your cancer diagnosis…I am wishing u the very best to heal, get rid of those cancer cells and become healthy and strong!!! May I ask what type of cancer u were diagnosed with, what stage is it in and what your treatment is or will be? Lastly, I want to highly encourage u to look up this amazing woman on YouTube to see her amazing and very true story, as well as check out her amazing books, sold on Amazon…her name is Anita Moorjani…just wait until u hear her MIRACLE OF A STORY and he she died of cancer and came back to life, completely cancer FREE.
Although it might sound IMPOSSIBLE AND MADE UP, EVERY BIT OF HER STORY IS 100% TRUE… do a search for her on YouTube and listen to her story …it’s beyond phenomenal and SO INCREDIBLY INSPIRING!!! Hope to hear back from u!!
Kim :innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent:


Sorry to hear of your condition, ive not come across it before, so i know nothing, ive also found out that that i knew nothing about cancer, apart from whats on the tv, i hope you can find some respite. Bi have colon cancer, my problem is that its so low in my rectum, only 5cms into by bum, so small margins to play with, ive seen 3 consultansts, from 3 hospitals and my best option it foe them to do a robotic low anterior resection,where they will be able to take away ny rectum and hopefully, fingers crossed, they will join the end of my colon to the small bit of rectum they have left. This will mean no stoma, though iys not a problem if i end up with one, and its more likely to be reversed if i need a temporary one to help the healing process. The nearby nodes are infected too, so they are coming out and I will need chemo too. The op is at the beginning of october, my sleeps been all over the place for a while, this diagnosis doesn’t hel, its T3 N2, hopefully its knly in the nodes and not the lymphatic system, I’ll know more after the nodes are back from testing. I do hope you find some respite into what can only be described as hell, i do sympathise, there are days when i get between 20 to 40 mins of sleep,and thats never good for me, so i can’t imagine how you must feel, take care


Hi @MissTQ,

I’m very sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I understand this must be a very stressful and worrisome time for you. Ugh, horrible.

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in the middle of last year and have since gone through operation and chemo with the end result that I am now cancer free for a while already. It is pretty amazing what they can do these days. My mom similarly had colon cancer about 5 years back, and they have been able to operate and sort her out.

I not sure if having cancer or not has any specific impact on the outcome of how well the formulations work. That is assuming that the cancer itself has no specific impact on your sleep but rather the anxiety that having cancer brings with it.

The valerian spray certainly knocked me out and the passiflora spray is giving me a much more solid and unbroken sleep (with lots of dreams). So hopefully it will have a similar effect for you.

Good luck with the operation and I hope the end result is super positive. :hugs:


Thank you so much, I’m not sleeping much, and when i do never longer than an hour, and i think its the anxiety, i hope your joureney with cancer is a positive one in the test to come


Hi, sorry for the last rather quick reply, i realised it was the queens funeral. I have rectal cancer, its very low down, just 4cms inside my bum, I’m having a robotic LAR, and nodes involved so they need to come out. Its been nearly a year with little restorative sleep, I’m exhausted, everything is an effort, sometimes thinking clearly is exhausting, I was diagnosed in June, and had no path until beginning of this month, that wasnt helping, but i now have a path to start this long journey, yet im still not sleeping. I’ve tried everything, then i found the Sofi trial, im hoping that this will help me, as I’m already on a lot of meds, they wont give me anything else, I’m also delaing with degenerative disc disease, my spines crumbling, so on lot of pain meds with that, which is why i was looking into the different teas, and whilst doing that Sofi appeared, so I’m hoping that was a sign for me to try it. I’d give anything for 4 hours of undisturbed sleep, I’m thinking that my body was fighting cancer withpit me knowing, thats why im so exhausted, but since i found out i think i have anxiety, though im dealing with the news better than my 2 main supporters, sis and hubby, hubbys taken it rather badly, sys he is terrified, sis is coing round to understanding that just because i have cance, doesnt mean she will get it, shes a bit of a hyperchondriac!! Thanks for the pics of the teas, i tried twinings, and sainsburys own, they were bith very floral, i have a bad gag reflex, smelled them, sipped one, then nope, couldnt drink anymore, which one would you says is least floral, I’ll give it a go. So glad you’re now cancer free, im aiming for that, I’m a stubborn mule, so hoping that I’ll get through it, i know its a big op, and that chemo may take it out of me too, but whats a few months when you have a lifetime ahead of you! My surgeon keeps saying im young, bless him, I’m 54, butvi have years in front of me and a bucket list a mile long, if only i could sleep better, id be fine!! Thanks again

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