Can't log in says email not valid, but it is

Hi, i have just tried to log in using my email which is definitely valid. I have had this email for years.

At first i thought that i had perhaps forgotten my password. Pretty sure i havent but i requested to be able to set a new one after a text to my email.

I cant do this because it says “email not valid” but it most definitely is valid. No typos because it comes up on my phone to click and enter.

Any ideas? Anyone else finding the same problem?

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I have worked out what happened so will write here just in case others might have this problem:

I found that when i paste in my email that appears on my phone when i start to type it, there is a space at the very end. It has not been a problem when using it elsewhere such as purchasing online so i have not noticed that before, but here it meant my email was not recognised as valid.

Hope that might help anyone else with a similar problem :blush:


How are you getting on @drmudlark ? Any more little bugs crawling through your sofi migration? :pray:. I just managed to get my sofi score back up and running! Yey sofi digital team :heart::champagne::pray:


Hi Kaveh, all seems ok now, thanks for asking :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Yes, well done indeed to all the hardworking sofi team :clap:

My score went down from 100 to 50 which i think happened to everyone who was on 100 but it is now up to 81 so thats encouraging.
I sent Alex my missing journal data from the weekend when i couldnt journal, in case they can be added in, but no worries if they cant.

All seems to be working well, although i seem to have a higher than possible score for journal days in spite of my consistent journalling. Maybe i should tell someone.

Must admit i am a bit confused about being invited to journal in the evening as well given that sleep the night before will be the same, but perhaps that is more to do with mood. I read somewhere (i think) about that but there have been so many posts of late about the pesky little bugs i havent found it yet!!

Im wondering if all the new attributes about the new super App could be posted in one thread to explain these? Maybe a thread with just this info and locked against our comments so we could find all the info quickly and in one place? I dunno, maybe it is all already somewhere i havent found yet!

I see that you have started on the ashwagandha- how exciting! Too early to tell yet i suppose if it is helping you. I think i will receive mine soon so im really looking forward to the new pod and sprays. How is the taste of it? Not that Im bothered even if it isnt nice but plain chocolate and salted caramel would be my heaven :yum: :heart_eyes:


I think that’s a super idea @drmudlark and adding @alexwalkerjones and @vincent here to see if they have any suggestion S to how we can make a super knowledge bank on the S3 build that’s coming out - app, pod capsules and all! So pleased it’s all back up and running on your side and as always Sue … super grateful for all the patience, feedback and love to the team and community here. Really amazing to have you on this journey with us :pray:


So glad i discovered Sofi in early 22. It is a really lovely and caring community and while things were understandably sometimes slow at first when there was so much to be done to make it happen, and so much care taken with the herbal extracts and data processing, i can really sense things gathering pace towards the goals / mission that was outlined last year. Very unique and special. It feels so good to be part of the journey and exciting to contemplate Sofi’s future. Who knows what will have been achieved when we look back, say, a year from now?!


You know it’s amazing … when we set out on this journey there were a few of us - a couple of dozen scattered all across - and the journey wasn’t easy but we felt it had to be done!

When we were thinking that we had to go on this journey with our Pioneers it was really hard to imagine that we would be blessed and have such awesome support both in good and tough patches along the road.

But I always felt the Pioneers would be the real magic, the glue, the fuel, the purpose … and now we are all Pioneers. We are one team. One much bigger than we could have ever hoped.

And Itell you every time we were running low we always got a huge boost from the community here … so what began as a team of a few dozen now really feels like something much much bigger … and we all are in awe of sofi and her promise powered and driven by this amazing spirit of community! Thx for being Sue! :pray:

Thx for being a Pioneer!


Awww, thank you :smiling_face: You have me blushing now Kaveh!

Strangely i feel that in general i am sleeping better even without the sprays at the moment and i reckon that has a lot to to do with the support of being part of this community and belief that Sofi will help us find what we need whether it be more sleep or less anxiety.

Hugs to all the team and pioneers and wishing all a good restful sleep


Good question @Kaveh and @drmudlark … a super knowledge bank or thread detailing all the new features, app, pod capsules and so on is certainly a good idea. I seem to remember your ‘new app reveal video’ showing off the new features quite impressively as well @Kaveh! Loved the way that looked :heart_eyes:.

I think we’re at the stage that we can dedicate a section of this community to ‘Knowledge-Base articles’.

A section in which only those with permissions can start topics, and each topic is an explanation of a feature of sofi. Add in screenshots and explanations, and I hope that together with the community here, we can all create quite a lovely knowledge base of articles that explain all the ways in which you can use the sofi eco-system.

Does that sound like something you’d enjoy contributing to @drmudlark?


It sounds a great idea……I feel i tend to wander from one topic to another in no particular order, but it would be great if all info could be held for S3 help and hints in one place. I love reading the updates and hearing everyone’s experiences. It’s a lovely community to be part off.


Yes, thank you @vincent.
Having all the important info together would help everyone find the info they need and it would reduce the amount of repeat questions scattered in different threads. And, probably therefore, reduce the time the team has to make answering similar individual questions.
Should be a win- win all round for the pioneers and the Sofi team :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: