Changes to our Pioneer Studies moving forward

Good morning @MissTQ - this is a really important and valid question you ask! I want to make sure to give it a thorough explanation: :pray:

At the moment, all the pods in the hands of current Pioneers are not allowed to be legally sold - they strictly have to be given away due to certification regulations, not having the right device markings for a product that is to be sold, etc - so we unfortunately can’t include them as part of a paid package/service.

We are also running extensive battery certification and testing… so the pods included in your subscription may look similar but the product has gone through extensive hardening and improvement.

As for the cost; we are selling the pods at the cost of the raw electronics, as similar levels of technologies would typically retail closer to £99. This is our commitment to make sofi as accessible as possible! For current pioneers, who have helped us shape sofi like yourself, we are also freezing all our subscription and pod prices for life - as post general release we expect both to rise to allow for sufficient margin for sofi to operate as a successful business.

I hope that helps to clarify things xx