Changing at a snails pace vs cheetah

Our company was purchased in March. Changes with the previous owner were at a :snail: pace if at all. With the new owner it’s more like the pace of a :leopard:! Definitely quite the adjustment on top of a significant jump in quotes and orders. Our :brain:s are fried.


Do you prefer the new culture for change or did you like the certainty and comfort of gentle continuity with the past owners? Hope importantly you are feeling empowered in your role as apparently nothing is a greater source of anxiety or stress in the work place then the feeling that you are not in control of what you need to deliver. I think they did a famous study of this with folks in the civil service here in the U.K. and evidenced it medically in terms of physiological stress on cardiac conditions. Everything is connected very much with the flaps of the wings of a butterfly (or the ripples of a sofi pebble thrown into the Atlantic from this little island). Hope you’re keeping well and getting some rest this weekend xx :pray:


It is a good thing because we’re finally having the opportunity to move into the 21st century. It’s just a lot to take on at once.

They’re asking for information we’ve never had either because it’s never been asked of us or we weren’t allowed access to know. So I’m sure we given a glazed eyes look a lot. Or maybe “this does not compute” by our spoken response.

Some have had responsibilities taken away that they’ve had since walking in the door so they don’t know what to do. This is from partially combining the two companies (aircraft engine vs ground support), deciding what needs to be at the corporate level instead of an individual biz. They don’t want to loose anyone because we’ve kept the biz going and profitable despite everything…we are the company.


It always begins and ends with the talent. Really pleased you are navigating it well. Hopefully the change will represent a lot of opportunity for hidden talent to shine and remove unnecessary legacy blockers … finger xed! :crossed_fingers: