Shift work and changing patterns - advice welcomed

I am working shift work at the moment so have changed my spray to now, just after 6am as if it was my evening and journal at the same time.

The problems occur when I change shift patterns and spraying and journalling become difficult and times become confused as adapting to this is what I think, along with memory lapses are bringing down my overall score.
There must be other people in my position and I was wondering if they or you have any ideas or advice on how to deal with the change over’? Thanks in advance!


Hi @oliver75gaskell,

You raise an excellent point when it comes to shift workers (and one that was also recently raised by @Titan!) and I’m super excited to confirm that we will shortly be working on a revised system for journaling that

a) makes it much more clear which journal you are completing (AM vs PM)
b) allows for short “bonus” journaling throughout the day and
c) most excitingly, allows users to set and select their bedtime / waketime so that your AM and PM journals can automatically attune to your sleep schedule accordingly!

I can’t share too many more details, and this may very well be released in sections, to keep track of any pesky bugs that might appear, but fingers crossed it will serve as the long-term, and much easier to use solution for all users - whether they work nights, early mornings, or anytime in between. :blue_heart: :sofi_moon:


Would be grate if you could add a clock, or reminder to say…time to go to sleep! …and also a alarm clock to wake up…this will help people try and keep an regular routine for a healthier sleep…it will also fix the problem of how we journal how much we have slept :sleeping:


That’s a great idea, and I think @josif may have something similar with the app designs up his sleeve! More on this coming soon :crossed_fingers::blush:


I thank you for your reply @alexwalkerjones your suggestions as always are great. One of them that would be really helpful would be able to let the app know what shift patterns you are on and take this into consideration when it’s wondering why I am taking 3 sprays at 5, 6,7am and then in the same day could be taking 3 sprays in the evening as due to unusual and unknown plus occasionally using the spray, then being called out, no sleep and then taking 3more spray’s anywhere from 2am and at any time during the night before I try to sleep again and am wondering if I should be taking them. Other times the severity of the call out could mean that I don’t get home until the following afternoon or even but rarely don’t go home for a day or two! No wonder I am suffering sleep problems :joy::frowning:

This I should have brought up much sooner but didn’t know how to deal with it and that is why I kind of disappeared for a while as I felt that I was letting the pioneers and the pioneer project down. I feel relieved that I have now addressed it, making others who might be in similar situations benefit as well.

My job roles can change without much notice but the benefit to people who are working set shifts with the app knowing which am or pm would definitely be helpful. Plus it would help me as some patterns last month’s or more,


A great idea, I think I was ashamed to bring my neglect of the pioneer program for so long after a long and reasonable start, anyone and everyone who sees this keep the ideas coming!:100::+1:


Hi Oliver, you are not letting anyone down IMO. You can only do what you can do, given your difficult and changing work hours.
It sounds to me that you have a lot to contend with in order to get sufficient sleep. :zzz:
I hope that some of the sprays are helping you with sleep and that future new additions to the app will help with your recording. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much for your kind considerate words :pray:I hope your quick response was not me sounding some kind of alert on your phone and I would much rather you were enjoying a wonderful nights sleep!?

It would definitely be helpful if some of the already suggested ideas to help take shift patterns into account as soon as possible. I would rather not say what my job in the public sector where you are not allowed to strike, rightly so IMO I imagine, without saying anything else, a number of people will have guessed correctly what it is!

I finished quite early tonight so am going to attempt some sleep before I have to be back in for midday today so not too bad. The only issue is that the phone cannot be allowed to be switched off nor the work phone, I am amazed that at my age I am lucky to still have a full head of hair!

I hope you get some sleep, all the best…


Absolutely not. No noise on my phone.

I do support work to help someone who has difficulties doing some things. Only a few hours a month but i find this person very difficult - always moaning, everything is someone else’s fault, and he doesn’t give me notice about when he wants help, its always the night before or even the same day and he expects me to drop everything. Late last night he asked me to go over to help today after i sent a nice text just to check that he had posted something i did for him. Wishing i hadnt asked because i then spent the early hours doing some of the things i had to do today so i could go over to help him after his last minute demands. Then, of course, i couldnt sleep!

There is a saying: ‘No good deed goes unpunished’ … I often find that to be true :woozy_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


I am similar in a way that I would go out of my way to help people especially when it is family, all be it family are usually easier to talk to and reasonable when you address your feelings and emotions to them, although I can think of one family member who is impossible to deal with so I keep my distance and they fortunately do the same!
It’s always too often much harder to to say no or express how our feelings and assistance have changed over time from what often begins with a friendship or a simple act of kindness plus of course a mixture of the two!
I sympathise with the situation you described, it is a very difficult issue to confront without causing offence however when it is affecting your own interests and life to the point where sleep is being disrupted., you need to do something to cause this to change.

If this is volunteer work for an agency or similar express your feelings to a line manager or similar first. If you are doing this off your own back what to do, as I know so little of the relationship and the effect this could cause for you both is so difficult, but you have to do something. Clearly you should not have to suffer at the cost to your health. I can only hope that you do something to gently explain how you are feeling but at the same time reassure this person that you need to look after yourself as well and that you will always try to do your best for them. Perhaps ask them to put themselves in your position and help them understand why you have had to speak with them about this but keep reminding and reassuring at the same time without giving any false promises. Done this way most reasonable people will begin see things for what they are.

I hope I am giving you the right advice as this is how I would go about it from the information you have explained. If this person becomes offended, expresses hostility towards you please try to stay calm ask them to consider what you have said and back away from the situation giving them time to think. They will probably realise how much you have been doing now that you have let time pass without your assistance.

I would try to wait until they contact you however if you find yourself worrying too much a quick call might put you at ease. I really don’t know how else to advise any further but hope that things improve.


I love this, this is why the treehouse is the best :heart: