Charge left and button at the back

Hi, all seems to be working well at first attempt. Just 3 real questions …

  1. is there any way of seeing how much charge is left in the stick? - to avoid disappointment at not being able to spray just before bed and then having to wait an hour to charge it up.

  2. is there still a manual spray option if there is a problem with bluetooth?

  3. the button at the back - button moved to the left shows a red dot, button moved to the right may show some minute writing but i cant see it even with reading glasses after a cataract operation that has produced a problem on my retina. :frowning_face:
    I thought at first that this button might turn the stick off to save battery but in both positions the blue light shows at first and then goes off.
    Can someone on the team explain this button please?

  4. but not important, just wondering if i imagined reading that now the stick was going to be called the pod, and the pods would be called the sprays. But I see we are still with sticks and pods. Am I losing my marbles and imagining I read about the changes in nomenclature? Maybe i dreamt that!

[Trivia - dreamt is the only English word that ends with ‘mt’. Oh No! I’m becoming a female Sheldon! :nerd_face: ]


Hi so I’m not a sofi employee but I will do my best to help you with your questions:

For the charge I don’t think there is at the minute but the light on top of the pod should let you know when it needs a top up, I’d just recommend regularly doing small charges to make sure it’s topped up and ready to spray all the time !!

The spray is totally manual but I think you may have the top locked if you are having trouble to spray then just head to the back of your pod and there should be a little slider that may be showing red, just give that a flick to the right and you should be ready to start spraying :herb:

And yea as I said the little switch is to lock the top of the pod to avoid accidental sprays when it’s in your pocket, to make sure your pocket isn’t stealing all your valuable ashwaghandha, happy spraying and if you need any more help don’t be afraid to @ me :slightly_smiling_face:.


Hi Reece I think she means by Manual spray is the previous programmes when there has been issues with the stick , on the app we was able to manually enter the sprays we did so it kept our data intact is this right @drmudlark , will tag @alexwalkerjones for the clarification on the battery reading though :slight_smile:


Would also like to second the question about manually logging sprays that didn’t register.

I did all 6 last night. The first 3 I checked in between that it had registered, but the second 3 was right before bed and I just did them. Waking up this morning it didn’t register them all.

I had been under the impression the little slider button was a lock button. It’s a feature I saw mentioned and it doesn’t seem to spray when the slider is showing red, but not sure what the text on the other side says


Thanks reece. Great to have a button to lock the spray top. I had a couple of messy leaks from the Valerian!

Hi @Aaron, thanks, yes that’s exactly what i meant about the Manual spray - being able to record the number of sprays if there was a problem with the stick.


Yeah, I’m finding that the app isn’t registering all my sprays, I done 10 sprays since yesterday dinner but only registered 5 sprays


These are excellent questions @drmudlark and let me see what I can do to answer a few :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. We are missing a component and a bit of a firmware tweak which we are going to implement in the next sofi pod build (S4) which will allow us to tide gradient feedback on level of battery … right now it takes about an hour for the battery to charge fully and you know it’s fully charged when the red light goes out … when the red light is on your sofi pod is still charging … all of this to say, this feature is coming in the next gen sofi pods - for Joe if you charge it at night time or for an hour a day your sofi pos should last well behind a long weekend and for me typically for a full week;

  2. Manual option has gone as now your sofi stick can store some data and time
    Stamp it on the sofi servers whenever we have a Bluetooth bridge between the two … if you remember in the previous S1 and S2 builds you had to have the app open and in essence the spray was registered at the time that the data was sunk to your phone … now when you take your sofi spray say in the morning … as long as you sync it with your app ahead of your pod losing charge it will time stamp to when you actually used it rather than when you have synced your device … so hopefully we won’t need the manual sprays any more …. But let’s see!

  3. The lock at the back has two modes … when in lock position you see a small red dot … when you don’t see the small :red_circle: that means the sofi pod is not locked and can be used … so we only use red to designate a locked sofi pod;

  4. You are entirely right on terminology … we have moved away from sofi “stick” cause it just felt a little negative … and “pod” had plant history about it that we love … we also have decided to refer to the bottles as “capsules” … so sofi stater packs come with one sofi pod and three sofi capsules …

Hope this is helpful but please keep the questions, comments and feedback coming cause we are building our sofi together and your feedback is super important to our thinking. :pray:


Little sprays don’t register on the app, big sprays do. Lol I was doing little sprays not pushing all the way down.


I did wonder if that might be the reason. The counts should work fine for you now :smile:


That’s true … we want to make sure you get the full stroke of the press to count one as otherwise it would be difficult to try to estimate the impact of a plant on a Pioneer … so the trigger to count the electronics is mostly down all the way through the stroke … it has the secondary effect that if the top wobbles (before we introduced the lock) it didn’t give a false count of presses :pray:

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I hear what you say, 1 spray comes out fast and get a gob full haha :rofl: no 2 isn’t very nice. So started doing 1 spray every few hrs, for a minute under the tongue :stuck_out_tongue:


If you want to savour the sauce keep it under the tongue but honestly … I would just swallow it !! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::slightly_smiling_face: @steven25


I only say about under the tongue coz of all other sprays like CBD and rescue remedy they say gets into system quicker.


Of course. Some tinctures suggest a faster absorption under the tongue. I asked one of our scientists on this - he referred to it as buccal absorption and he told me that you would have to hold it for so long that your saliva would natural wash it down in advance … so all the formulations delivered by sofi are designed for spraying and swallowing (ingestion) … so entirely up to you. If you like it, continue, but you don’t need to. Hope this is helpful. :pray: