Clearer insights on sleep

Given the impact of:
Blue Screen
Work Stress
Other Stress
I wondered whether you’d thought about capturing metrics.
This would greatly enhance insights into sleep pattern issues.
Doing a daily journal has clearly demonstrated to me, the negative impact of alcohol on sleep quality.
Furthermore, many people track their sleep quality - Deep/ REM/ Light via devices.
Whilst their accuracy is dubious. This could be a further measure for consideration.
I often show 7-8 hours sleep. Rarely do I benefit from much Deep sleep!


These are awesome points @niall.ferguson and thanks so much for highlighting them along with your experience! We absolutely are looking into the data implications of using different metrics, questions, and even apps for tracking sleep - after all, what works as a measure for one individual might not capture another’s sleep quality at all.

If you haven’t had a chance to yet, make sure to take our sleep measures poll, as well as our poll on sleep tracking apps. As we are always keen to integrate features that are important to our Pioneers and most reflective of their sleep experience - with and without the effect of the plants.

In terms of some of the other factors you mentioned (alcohol, caffeine, blue light exposure, etc.), we do ask a few similar questions during account creation in the sofi app to establish a brief user profile for you, but we don’t explicitly account for the effect of these on your sleep. Instead sofi only ever compares your data to you in order to understand the unique effect of the plants, accounting for “noise” in the plant-sleep data that could be caused by any one of these things. We currently use something called “false discovery rate correction” in order to this mathematically - but it’s definitely something we’re not opposed to looking into more! :slight_smile:

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