Day 16 on Ashwag

Day 16 slept every night min of 4 hours which is ok but my moods are a lot better
I’m disabled and don’t work but I’ve come up with something to make and sell which I’m excited about,
The Ashwag…. I’ve noticed that at about 10 min after spraying it I seem to just drop to sleep but it’s the staying asleep
I start the next spray soon so will see what that does
1 question can you get this on prescription??? As I’ve seen the price and there’s no way I can afford it


I wouldn’t imagine you could get in on prescription as it’s a herbal medicine. And I doubt you could get the Sofi Capsules due to cost. If Ash is on prescription, it will be the cheapest version of it, which will be a pill.

You can buy the pills online, but you can’t guarantee that they will have the same effect as the spray as they are formulated differently. So they could be stronger or weaker or just ineffective.


Hi @porshaspettles! I think Casino’s answer sounds correct to me. I have taken Ashwaganda in pill form in the past, and its herbal so at least in Canada it cannot be on prescription. There are many different formulations and brands though, and each has different versions of it, so you can definitely find it everywhere. I like the sofi pods because the spray does not have to be digested like a pill, so it eliminates that part of the issue. Glad to hear that you found work that you can do and make money from and that makes you happy. Good luck!