Will I get a decent a night sleep tonight?

Hi all,
Hope you’re all well, I’m new here dropped a hello early today. So the 3 nights I have not been getting the recommended hours of sleep, some nights I don’t sleep at all other nights I might get 2 hours if I’m lucky. Can’t wait to try these pods I’m so exhausted and feel exhausted all day and struggle to stay focused on anything. I’m wishing the days away till I get my pods.


Hi @Joanne1979

Have you spoken to your GP regarding your sleep issues? Im sorry to hear you are having so much trouble, i feel your pain. I have no idea how far along in your sofi journey you are but in my experience, patience is key! Everything i have been told (regarding sofi) has happened as planned im glad to report. However if this is major problem for you you may want to seek assistance from your GP for a more immediate resolution.
Once you finally receive your pioneer pack the ashwagandha is ecpected to take approximately 10 days to take affect IF it has the desired effect at all. Everyone is different and as we are all pioneers here there are no guarantees of the results you need/desire. If your sleep problems are anywhere near as bad as mine recently (and declining) seek professional assistance. No reason why you cant do both :slight_smile:


I can empathise with you @Joanne1979 being also a sofi newbie and having enjoyed (not!) anywhere from 2 to 5 hours’ sleep for some years. Lots going on in my subconscious and - frankly - I don’t fancy unwrapping my innermost thoughts and feelings to analysts who are always young enough to be my grandchildren!! After only a few days, my No2 sprays have provided two nights’ uninterrupted sleep, albeit 5 hours but so what… I’m optimistic that this is the beginning of a beautiful @sofi relationship.