Dear {{ first_name|default:'' }},

How do we update our info for the emails? It appears that my profile’s missing my name.

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No that’s just us learning how to use the sofi comms systems (better)! Thx for pointing it out and we will send a quick correction! KM


So we recently sent out comms with an error in the greeting … and it sadly came out looking like this …

Now we have prepared a follow up message to send … and the question we have - should we send it or not … we are rather split on the subject!

  • Send follow up email!
  • Don’t send follow up email!

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Oh I’m already thinking of where to take my photo :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Can’t wait!!! We are totally split between sending or not sending a correction email! it’s like our own Brexit vote! KM

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Thx guys - first group decision that we made together (I was over ruled)! I have to say it’s really odd to put a decision like that up and see what everyone thinks as the natural instinct is to get out there and fix it immediately. But the “Don’t send it” had it yesterday! Thx for the debate (and we are going to do a better job in the future with our systems!). KM