Dont get it, wasted of time

Feel really let down, joined this app did the 10 days and you just have to keep doing more and more to never actually receive anything, think its really unfair and have given up


I’m sorry you feel that way, we are between flavours, it takes time to get the new ones made up and sent out. Sofi has said that they will never leave a pioneer behind. Have you recieved your pebble? As that will guarantee you will be in the next wave, which is chamomile. Its just unfortunate that it Sofi is also transitioning to a business. We are very lucky to be able to trial this for free, and all of have had to wait at some point, as we have all joined at different times. I have to say that it has really helped me, and hundreds of others too, and as such I have subscribed to the Sofi business, and look foward to being able to have my sleep helped because of it. I hope you do hang on, as the next wave is imminent, and it may well be the one thing that helps you to get some quality sleep. .


I have been joined along time, had my pebble confirmed my address and still nothing, ive done everything asked


I know it can seem s while, but as I said the new wave of chamole is coming in December I think, and they’ve also started transitioning into business, so it’s bush for them, and I for one am glad I hung in there, as it gavemethe best sleep in 15 years, and I was in hospital when it arrived. We all have had a wait, as this is still a unique trial, and it being completely free to begin with. I understand how you’re feeling, but believe me, it’s so worth the wait, I have 6 hours or more a night with passiflora, I’m not waking up as much, before Sofi didn’t sleep more than an hour, then I’d be awake again, I found Sofi in the middle if the night, battling feeling of distress, fatigue, you name it, and I had a wait at the beginning, I was also battling cancer, and not even chemo knocked me out,but passiflora did, but ashwagandha helped, valerian, mot so much. Hang in there, keep baselining, it’s only a couple of minutes a day, and it’s a free trial. I assure you that you’re not wasting your time, but leaving without trying it would have made your time as a pioneer wasteful. Hang on in there, there’s lots of people on here which been waiting longer, it’s just because we’ve just had a new wave and we’re waiting on the next plant. The people behind the scenes won’t rush things, as they use the best ingredients and uts up to us whether we can wait a while longer. I’m sure Alex will be in touch after the weekend with news on the timing for chamomile.


Hi @Meme2788,

Thanks for posting, and please rest assured that you have not been forgotten about!

Your free Pioneer Pack is reserved under your name, and you should have received an email from us recently, with the subject line: “sofi | your reserved starter pack,” detailing our next two waves of Pioneer Pack shipment, and how to ensure that you receive yours asap!

We will be prioritising those who have been most actively journaling these past 30 days to receive their shipments first (with 1st and 2nd waves of shipments taking place at the end of Nov and Dec, respectively).

Please let me know if there’s no sign of the email (occasionally our emails can get lost in junk or spam), I’d be more than happy to resend it your way x

If you have any questions at all, I’m here to help anytime!

Kind regards,


Are emails about the shipment of chamomile in the next two waves end of November end of December just going out to the brand new pioneers, or are they going to go out to all of us, those of us who have been with the program for a while?


Ive had no emails no nothing, i think its abit unfair your now only picking the most active users this month and December, i was doing it for weeks but got fed up when nothing comes of it. So haven’t bothered its hard to keep motivated with it when you just keep getting told its on its on way :confused:


We’ve decided to try something new for the November and December waves - and that’s to include one of each of our “hero” formulations (valerian, passiflora, and ashwagandha).

Hopefully, this will provide a better overview of the plants - and pathways - for better sleep and calm for incoming Pioneers with a Pack reserved :cherry_blossom: :pray:

Regarding Chamomile, we will likely be releasing this on our system for those with an active subscription, however, there may be a few exceptions, and that would include anyone who has not yet found the plant (of those currently available) that works for them @kteach99!


Hmm - sorry about that @Meme2788, I’ve gone ahead and resent the email to you now, please let me know if it turns up! It can also help to add “” as a trusted contact to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. x

Additionally, your frustration is completely heard. In order for sofi to calculate your results with each of the plants, however, it is necessary to have a baseline of your current mood and sleep in the lead up to receiving them, which is why journaling activity is a prerequisite.

The good news is that should you not qualify for the first wave (and I will see what I can do to squeeze you in!), there is still plenty of time to qualify for the second one, as we certainly do not intend for pioneer qualification to be unfair in any way.

Super grateful for your understanding and let’s see what we can do to get a Starter Pack into your hands @Meme2788 :blush: :crossed_fingers:


Thanks Alexandra. I am one of those who has not had a good response to any of the three plants we’ve tried so far. So I’m hoping that that means I’ll be able to try chamomile at no cost. Could you please let me know about this. Thank you.


I thought I was recalling that correctly @kteach99 - in which case please leave it with me and I will get back to you with a timeline as soon as we know more about our chamomile launch! x :blossom:


Sounds great, thank you!