Doom scrolling v Sleep

Totally random but not sure if what is currently happening in the UK😷 Been consistently waking up earlier the last few days - journalled 4am today.


I know! I think its the stress from all the covid hoohaa a the moment. Never knowing if we are going back into lockdown etc


@jaxlou1982 indeed! Nightmare before Xmas🙄


4 am is the worst I call it no where to go time can’t relax because it’s work in two hours then I’m hungry🍕


No where to go time @chris.king5
This should be its own TV show…we need suggestions of things to do at this time🤔

I sometimes take dog for walk, if he’s awake.

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I don’t let it bother me. I can only control what is in my bubble, the rest is upto everyone else. So long as people outside of my bubble stay away from me, I’m happy. We lost our business beginning of year because of it, 2 family members, 1 vulnerable, they followed the rules, but one carer didn’t had it, passed it, killed my cousin 40 years old.

I’m now at a point of just stay away from me and my family. People will follow rules if care, those that don’t follow, I don’t care about you.

Stressing or being anxious is not a good state of mind. I do pros and cons, I ask my self questions, clarity usually happens. Control what you know you can, let the rest go. Shout F…K IT loudly works wonders.

We’ve lost 2 Christmases with our eldest as military, Last year Christmas eve called away to do testing, just been recalled as of Monday for to do vaccines, plus its his birthday.

Cancelled family get together, as 2 elderly and one vulnerable. Doing it to protect them, do it over alexa and zoom. It’s not the end of the world, a glitch, it could be the end of someone’s life.

You can only control what affects you, don’t worry about anything else.


So we’ll put! I’m so sorry for the loss of you cousin. Its a very trying time isn’t it. I agree about the family. In my eye, protecting them is all that matters. I also have vulnerable people in my family, immuno suppressed, so I will do everything in my power to protest them, and if you can’t help me then stay away!