Dosage of valerian question☘

Quick question,manual in S1 box states 150mg per dose, dose meaning in the 3 sprays total or meaning 450mg total in the 3 sprays please thankyou so much.xx :tulip:


The pump head on the sofi valerian formulation is 140 mcl pump head … so essentially doing 3 sprays after dinner and another 3 sprays before sleep would be six sprays at 140 mcl or about .8ml of the pure valerian extract. We think this begins to approach the recommended daily dose although to be frank we know pioneers have different diets, body types, bmi, so hopefully as we track for effect over time we will see if we can spot any improvement to quality of sleep and emotion. Hope this is helpful xx :pray:


Morning,thankyou for letting me know,that explaind it easily!:tulip:


Can the dosage be adjusted based on individuals’ experience? And how can that be done or reported? I’m aware that I’m quite sensitive to some medication. I’ve even been told by my dentist who’s known me for most of my life that I need a smaller dose to numb an area for a procedure compared to most of his patients. It’s something I’ve also noticed with painkillers. And now with the Valerian spray I feel that if I take all 6 sprays I sleep through the night but then I’m extremely tired and sleepy in the morning. Shall I adjust the number of sprays myself? Are there any guidelines about that?


This is an excellent question and let me bring in our lovely in-house medical herbalist @pamelaspence to share her experience here xx :pray:


Hi @fcjulia ,

Great question. Yes in clinical practice I would absolutely adjust the dose to each patient. I always have a general starting point that suits most people and I increase from there if we don’t see results and in my medicines we are using several herbs that work synergistically together.

With sofi we have a very strong product and one single herb so the dose is much higher. This won’t suit everyone but we chose a baseline dose. For you, it’s clearly too much. So I would suggest working down from 6 sprays a day until you find what’s comfortable for you.

Let us know how you get on!

Pamela :herb:


Thank you! That’s what I’ve been doing and also realised that taking the sprays some time between dinner and bed time helps. I had to stop for a few days because I ran out of battery and was poorly and definitely noticed a difference in my sleep quality when I resumed the sprays, even with a smaller dose.


Glad that helped and that you’re finding a way to make sofi work for you! :herb: