The app spray counter not working correctly

The app counter is not adjusting correctly. Sometimes when I spray 3 times it only counts down one or two. Not sure if this is a problem but I am getting three sprays after dinner and three before bedtime.


Hi @rosefernandez5,

Thanks for bringing this to us! In terms of spraying: The sofi stick can be a bit stubborn when recording a press, and can require some strength (strong thumbs, here we come!)

Make sure when spraying, that you press fast and hard, all the way down until you see the green light come on - that’s when you know you have triggered a count. It can also help to pause for a second in between sprays, so that two sprays are not counting by the pod as one.

It’s okay if your spray count is slightly incorrect, don’t worry about the number so long as trying to get it to count down with each press/spray. :slight_smile:

I hope that helps to solve things and look forward to hearing back!

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I have encountered the same problems with the spray count (the latest model) I found that the solution was very simple, just don’t rush the spray’s, allow a few seconds between each spray and make sure it has registered. Hope the same solution works for you and others

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