Eligibility into season 3 wave

Just a quick question to some of the sofi staff about being eligible for the S3 wave.

I recently due to issues out of my control been unable to log and have recently restarted doing such, I have already received my gift and was just wondering if it is possible for me to still be eligible for my S3 kit thanks in advance :slight_smile: .


Hi @Reece

Thanks for posting! We have you as actively journaling in the past handful of weeks, so not to worry as you are on the list for the first wave. Just keep up the journaling work from now until launch (we are counting down the days and I should have a fuller update for you today!) so that sofi can understand your current mood and sleeping patterns before your trial with the plant :slight_smile: xx


Alright thanks so much for the prompt response !!


Happy to help and thrilled to have you onboard!