Expanding our community with creator collaborations 🌿

Dear Pioneers, I hope you are all doing well on this lovely Tuesday!

After kicking off our subscription pre-orders, we are thrilled to be diving deeper into the world of social content to help us spread the word and allow our community to organically grow.

We firmly believe in the power of people, and social media is our stage to connect with our incredible Pioneers. By sharing your insights and experiences with us here, you don’t just engage with a brand; you become a part of our mission—a mission that celebrates the ability to feel better, naturally, with plants.

And we’re not navigating this journey alone! We’re teaming up with influencers, individuals who share our passion for wellbeing and understand the transformative power of sofi.

(If you follow our Instagram, you might already have seen them there!) They will be documenting their journey with sofi over the next few months and reporting on their results (or lack thereof) with each of our formulations accordingly. By taking this step, we would like to mark the direction of expanding our wonderful community outside the small cozy space of treehouse. It will stay just as cozy (we absolutely promise), but will welcome even more Pioneers sharing their experience with plants!

Check out some of the awesome video creations we have received so far:





We think they fit wonderfully with sofi’s feel focusing on slowness, mindfulness, connection of body and nature. Let us know what you think about these and feel free to give them a like or leave a comment of support!

In case you have not had the chance to follow sofi on Instagram yet, here is the link: sofi.health - reconnecting people and plants (@sofi.health) • Instagram photos and videos . There you can also check out other helpful posts and stay up to date with us.

For those who feel inspired, we would love to see your own creations in the form of reels, photos, stories, posts and so on! Whether it is showing off your sofi pod or something you feel is in line with sofi’s values and visuals – all are warmly welcome. Just tag us on your post and who knows, your creation might appear on sofi’s page very soon :green_heart:

Additionally, if you have ideas for the type of content you would enjoy seeing on sofi’s social media, do not hesitate to let us know! We would love to hear your thoughts and engage all of you in amplifying sofi’s voice, together xx


Thanks @Marina - it is super exciting to see sofi coming to life in the real world! For any Pioneers who might like to create regular content with sofi, or to partner up with us in any way, please do not hesitate to email myself (alex@sofi.health) or Carlo (carlo@sofi.health).

We’d love to explore further opportunities for community outreach and spreading the word! :blue_heart:


Excited to follow their stories!


Not sure I like where this is headed. Things have changed on here since I joined at the start of the year. I understand its also a business… maybe im just getting older!


@del604 I can relate in a way, my relationship with social media has had peaks and troughs over the years. But all brands do need a social presence now, it really is a must have. But I’m hoping that sofi having committed to doing things differently, in terms of their ethos of rebuilding relationships with plants and giving us early bird price freezes, will be the same for their social media presence. Less shallow, shiny influencers and more deep, meaningful content and social change :pray::purple_heart:


This is really valuable feedback @del604, and we want to make sure that we are preserving our core values - with our Pioneers at the centre of everything we do!

If you were to choose to follow us on social media, what types of content would be most valuable for you?

We are only just at the beginning of understanding exactly where sofi shines most amongst our different audiences, so all feedback is more than welcomed! :pray: :blush: