Feel let down, sad, and worn out

Hi it’s 4am & I’ve had about 1 hour sleep, I don’t feel tired just worn out, after two years of looking after my very sick husband who has clinical depression on Tuesday they at last had a bed for him in the psychiatric hospital, Two people were supposed to come Wednesday to assess him they didn’t turn up when I rang the next day after being passed around from person to person I was told they had given it to someone else. My husband doesn’t want to be here anymore and has suicidal thoughts, but I was told unless he acts on it they can’t get him a bed. I feel that I am not coping anymore and don’t have the strength to keep fighting the broken system, I have friends who have been a great support but as a lot of you probably know the lying awake at night thinking feeling like your the only one up is difficult, it’s a lonely place to be.


Hi @grannysue269,

Hope that you managed to get a little sleep after 4am. It is a very difficult time of night to be awake with your worries. We know a lot of people are active online at that time googling for help with their insomnia symptoms and anxiety too.

I just wanted to acknowledge what a difficult situation you are facing at the moment. It is a lot. And it’s no wonder you’re feeling worn out. While of course we can’t offer a solution to all of that, we do hope that you feel welcome here and perhaps glean some comfort from the fact that in this community a lot of people will be awake at the same time. We hope that with the community, the journalling and the plant pods that we can go some way to easing those symptoms - even though we can’t change people’s circumstances.

Take care,



Thank you Pamela, hopefully the ashwagandha will help