Finished my pods but it's not showing I have

Okay so with no.1 pod I used it until I had no sprays left which in my personal diary I had done 10 days but according to the app I had only done 9. But I’m unable to get anymore sprays out to finish it via the app.

I have finished no.2 and no.3 and it still shows I’m using no.2 when I have no pods in my sofi stick.

Just want to know what to do about it.


Have you tried logging out and back in? , if not it may be worth trying , it may connect your stick again it may find the correct pod then :thinking::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I will try this later, but yeah I’ve finished all pods now. Just currently not well so haven’t got round to sorting it out

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Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, hope you feel better soon ! :slight_smile:

Hi @OberonMoon,

Logging out and logging back in again should return you back to the baseline journaling status, so we can then monitor if/whether passiflora continues to help your sleep at all even after stopping thee sprays - just make sure not to reconnect your sofi stick/pod this. :slight_smile:

We are in the process of configuring the logistics of a refill Program (this time with valerian), so keep your eye out for any updates on that coming next month x