First preview of sofi | photo shoot 01

First glimpse from our photo shoot this weekend with the first sofi stick on its way to Hong Kong as golden sample for production. KM


Did you always know you had a knack for flower arranging, @Kaveh :star_struck: ? And happy first official post in the new treehouse!

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Thank you very much! The first of many I hope xo There are loads more images from the shoot and hopefully I can release one or two every couple of days. I also will use this channel to update on any S1 progress as we get ready for launch our Pioneer Program. Happy Monday. KM

ps maybe one more image!


Thank you for sharing these @Kaveh!

It’s so good seeing the new photos and as Alex said, loving the flowers and vibe you’ve created here.

Looks gorgeous <3


Looks very boho, and fresh at the same time. I like it.


I’m so pleased you like it - we found our sofi stick looked great whether she was wearing her floral dress or hanging out on the shelf with some books like the Dalai Lama’s Book of Wisdom! A few more photos here. KM


They look awesome. Do the different colour pods contain different ingredients?

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They will all contain the same active ingredient from the valerian plant from the same batch of production but they will each be tweaked from a taste experience in a different direction. The aim is to find out which one you find most acceptable over a ten day period … but of course in the background as you switch from one sofi plant pod to another we continue to build a picture of valerian and you across all three bottles. So we will have data for statistical analysis for 30 days of the same underlying active compounds in the plant and you (even though you be trialling different tasting versions of the same plant). Can’t wait!!


That’s amazing. I’m really looking forward to seeing the results. So excited to be a part of this!!!