Broken Sofi stick

I was hoping my new stick would arrive before I started my 2nd pod, but having to continue with no log of my sprays (my Sofi stick arrived malfunctioning :face_with_peeking_eye: it links to the app but doesn’t count down my sprays at all). I just finished Valerian and got on ok with it (& didn’t mind that sharp grapefruit taste one but, unlike others! Lol) just now started Passiflora (again, I’m liking the tart taste) and sleep brilliantly… Until about an hour ago (it’s now 5am GMT) and can’t see me getting back to sleep. Made a mistake in picking my phone up both but remembered I hadn’t started my pod today (just done the 3 day wait… Was hoping it might be enough to see the new stick Sofi are sending me would arrive, but I know it has a LONG way to come! Lol). So ended up spraffing at you good people lol

Hope everyone is having a restful evening xx