Fragrances and Pod

Is everyone using the fragrances with or without the pod?
I am excited to start them but my pod is in for repair.


Hi @bundy.scally - in case it helps, I just received confirmation that your repaired pod will be with you sometime tomorrow :blush: :crossed_fingers: Only one more day to wait! x


Really sorry to be such a pain but I have received my pod back from the repair shop but it still won’t connect to the app.
Is there anything else I can try?



Hi @bundy.scally - Oh no! Sorry to hear! Has it been charged to full recently? And do you see any lights coming on during an attempt to pair?

Please let me know and we’ll try a couple different things. :pray:

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Good Morning
I have tried charging it and the red light came on for a little bit but then went off.
No lights come on when trying to pair.
Again sorry to be such a pain :disappointed:

Michelle x

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That’s a good sign regarding the red light @bundy.scally - and please certainly do not be sorry! These things happen. I’m going to get in touch with the engineer that worked on your sofi pod. Before we arrange for any further steps, could you please try logging out and logging back in to your sofi app if you haven’t yet?

Occasionally, pairing can be blocked if your pod was never officially disconnected.

Kind regards and be in touch soon! I know you must be eager to begin spraying, and so sorry once again that this occurred! xx