New pod not charging?

Hello @alexwalkerjones I haven’t been able to charge my new pod, the light on the front comes in briefly when I first plug it in then doesn’t come on again. My old pod has a red light all the time when charging. Am I doing something wrong? My other pod is working fine so am I ok to use that? Thanks xx


Hi @sammy - thanks for flagging this with us :pray:

Despite the light going off, does the new pod hold charge after being connected for 60-90 minutes?

I will reach out to our hardware and electronic engineers to see what they advise. It may be a malfunction simply with the red light, not the pod itself, but want to make sure. :crossed_fingers:

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Hi @alexwalkerjones,

Thanks x How do I know whether it is holding charge if there is no light? My old one always had a light on if it was charged. It won’t connect to my app, the app doesn’t see it. Will it only spray if it is charged? I will see if it is spraying later. I haven’t checked this as I was waiting for it to connect to the app first

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Hi @sammy,

The red light should disappear after the pod is fully charged, and become replaced by blue or green lights once paired with the sofi app. With that being said, you may not be able to connect it to your sofi app all the time that your current / old pod is paired.

The best way to test in this case, would be to allow your current / old pod to run out of charge. Then, to log out and log back into the app (this will disconnect any previously paired pods), and the finally try to pair your new pod and see whether any lights come on.

Please let me know if that makes sense. We are more that happy to arrange for a repair should it continue not to work, but first, let’s see if we can’t pinpoint exactly what may be broken (the light versus the pod itself). :pray:

Thanks @alexwalkerjones I will do all those things and report back :blush: hopefully it will all work :crossed_fingers: xx


Super grateful for you @sammy and please let me know if it works!

Hi @alexwalkerjones it’s worked :grin::grin: the light is intermittent but it has now paired with the app and seems to be working ok.
Thanks for all your help :heart:


WhooHoo! Great news @sammy and thanks for your tenacity and support troubleshooting :smiley: :pray:

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