Getting bored of same journal every day

Im getting bored of same journal everyday my sleep and anxiety is the same everyday i dont feel like im gaining anything from this app


Totally agree these sprays are awful they don’t help

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Some people find that they do :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @katz - thanks for your message!

We are incredibly grateful for your patience so far! It is totally understandable that the app routine can feel boring and frustrating while waiting for your pod. Some Pioneers reported that journaling does help them keep their emotions and feelings in check, but if it creates more frustration than joy you are free to lay off from journaling for a while until you are ready to pick it back up again. sofi was designed to help alleviate stress and in no way to add more:)

In either case, all Pioneers with reserved packs will get reminders well in advance before the next wave shipment to get back to more consistent journaling!

Please let me know if I can help you any further or if you have any further questions!

P.S. our team is just as impatient to get Pioneer Packs with new plant formulation into the hands of our loyal Pioneers :pray: :sofi_moon:


Hi @Fee - I am so sorry to hear that your sofi experience is not so pleasant so far.

It seems like the current plant is not the best match for you at the moment, which indeed can be disappointing. Rest assured, we are still really grateful for your participation since a result like yours gives sofi more insight into personalization of plants! And that is exactly what we at sofi would like to investigate, which plant works best for you. Hopefully, our next plant will suit your needs better :pray: :cherry_blossom:

Please let me know if you are dissatisfied with more sofi features as this would be amazing feedback for us to improve on in the future! :relieved: :herb:


I find iam getting better sleep


Im sorry to hear that. I didnt really like the Passiflora effects, but Ashwaghanda was totally amazing for me. Hope you find some relief from your insomnia some other way.


Thank you the ashwaganda was the first ones I had they didn’t work for me . great t no they are working for you


I have started to be getting less sleep since I ran out of my sprays so I disagree


It affects everyone differently , whilst one plant may work for one person it may not work for another, hopefully there is a plant out there for you @Fee and if so , I’m sure the team will find it for you :slight_smile: