How do i know if im going to get the soi pad and when thnaks

How do i know if im going to get the soi pad and when do i get it thanks ireally looking forward to it


Hi @beciumarius903, so glad you found the treehouse and welcome aboard!

You’re off to a brilliant start having downloaded the app and created your account. The next step is to journal your baseline sleep and mood for the next 10 days - as this is the vital data that will allow us to measure any future effect of the plants.

Once your baseline (10 petals) is complete, an email with next steps to verify your address will be sent your way!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out or message the sofi team if you get stuck or have any questions along the way :slight_smile:



It’s amazing to have you here with us and we will track your progress … I think are are at the start but soon enough a sofi surprise will find it’s way to you! :pray:


Hi @beciumarius903 welcome to the amazing tree house everyone is lovely an sofi team members are always there to answer ur questions my ne is sabrina trust me u qill love this journey its amazing