How long does it take to charge?


I received my Sofi pioneer pack today and I have put it on charge, it shows red light but it has been showing this red light for a hour and a bit, how long does it take to charge normally?


Hi Stacey,
I read somewhere that it usually takes an hour to charge, maybe the first time takes a little longer.


Hi @StaceyTsReviews,

The sofi pod only takes between 60-90 minutes to charge, and while the red light is designed to turn off when the pod reaches full charge, a handful of sofi pods (mine included) have a slight malfunction where the red light remains on. With that being said, you should be good to go after the 90 minutes of charging time max.

Iā€™m linking you to a thread where the light colours are explained in further depth ( in case that is helpful too! There is not technically a light to indicate that your pod needs to be charged, but it should last between 5-10 days before needing to be charged again. Occasionally a flashing green light can signal the battery is low as it tries to connect - but this may only occur in some cases. :slight_smile:
Hope this helps!

Thank you so much! This has helped alot :blush:

Thank you for letting me know :blush:

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