Red light on pod not going out

Hey, hi
I have been trying to charge my pod for a few days now, i plug it in, the red light comes on, but never goes out.
I have had it charging for 2 to 3 hours previously and about 4 to 5 today and still the red light is showing, so i assume not charged.
I want to get started so any help would be great.
Thank you


Let’s check @ourbecksuk when you remove the sofi pod from the charger does the red light go out … and if you press the pod without a capsule do you see either the blue or green light coming on? Let’s see if we can get you pairing first. Adding @alexwalkerjones here so we can follow your progress. :pray:


Hi, so red lifht goes out when i remove the charger.
If i press the pod without a capsule, light goes, green, then blue, then off.


Hi @ourbecksuk
Just got a reply from our Firmware Engineer.
Red light indicates that the battery is charging. Sometimes it stays on too long, even after battery has finished charging - this is a bug that will be fixed in the next generation of pods.

In general it only takes 1h for the pod to charge!


This is good news @ourbecksuk! Are you able to pair your sofi pod with the app? You’ll want to ensure that bluetooth is switched on.

Please let me know how you get on and here to help! x


Ok, so all paired and ready to go for first sprays after dinner.
Thank you for your help :blush:


So pleased you’re up and running @ourbecksuk … to an incredible journey with Ashwa :pray: