How to sleep well with Michael Mosley

How many of you watched the Michael Mosley programme on How to sleep well? It was comforting to know that there are so many of us out there with sleep problems but, at the same time, very worrying at all the health problems we could encounter because of it!:astonished:


Must have missed it! Working late last night. What chanel was it on? I’d like to give it a watch. Sleep deprivation can lead to all manner of health problems and raises the risk of being more susceptible to infection. That’s why sleep is so important and i hope everyone gets a better night with Sofi :blush::heart:


Hi, it was on BBC2 on Thursday night. You’ll be able to catch up on iPlayer - search for ‘How to sleep well’ or ‘Horizon’ as it was one of their documentaries :blush:


@Milli47 Thanks! I’ll definitely give it a watch.

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It was very interesting. Worth a watch.