Konnichiwa sofisan!

Hey guys!

So, I’m new here, I’m Rua (most people cafl me Ru but I’ll leave that up to you :relaxed:). Pleased to meet y’all! I’m looking forward to hopefully finding sweet serene slumber, and I hope we all manage to get there :blush::pray:

So, this post was originally a question in regards to timeliness for S3, but I’ve just found a whole in depth thread that answered my question! :sweat_smile: (I’m isolating with covid rn, so apologies for the brain fog!:see_no_evil:

Rather than deleting it all together, I’d like to like to get to know everyone a bit better :relaxed: so if you don’t mind I have a few questions for you all:

  1. where are you in the world?
  2. how’s your sofi experience going so far?
  3. if you’ve already participated in S1 or S2, then how was it for you?

Super excited to hear back and to get to know everyone!

much love


Hola ru!

Welcome to the treehouse

I’m from the UK ( East Midlands )
My experience of Sofi has been amazing , the community and the team are awesome
I was in both programmes, I felt like valerian was more of a impact on me than passiflora.

Hard to say though since I had a new born during the trial ! :joy::joy:

Hope you feel better soon!


Hi Ru, :wave:
Im shelley my friends call me shell
Im from the uk in kent.

Iv been here from day one like Aaron its been amazing, some really lovely people here
And the sofi team are all very kind and always there to help,and they love all our feed back
Im doing better with sofi then without it.

Hope you are soon feeling better.


Hello again @RuaKasumi i live in carlisle uk moved here from peterborough almost 5 years ago we love cumbria im on S2 and like i said in another post im finding my sleep better. plants are the best!


Wow! Congratulations on the Bubba! :partying_face: If it can help you with sleep then, then it’ll probably help you through anything :grin:


Awesome news! I hope the next one helps too! I’ve never visited cumbria just yet, have been exploring Cornwall and Yorkshire recently but definitely want to see Cumbria soon!


Hi Shell!
That’s so great to hear! I’m super grateful I stumbled upon sofi by accident, sounds like I’m in with good people :relaxed::pray: