I am back, sofi

Yeah, I realise that no-one (apart from the computer) has missed my sprays for the past week but, aside from a niggling cough and the dubious pleasure of sleeping with a catheter, I have enjoyed the best sleep for many a month, simply by leaving London for the wilds of Cornwall. It’s hardly surprising what a good dose of salt air, purple moors as far as the eye can see and a total absence of carbon monoxide will do for the spirit… let alone no WiFi, Bluetooth or Network. Ah well, I guess all good things come to an end. Roll on next year!


I do love Cornwall, especially before the hoardes get there in the school holidays.


I spent my youth there, @drmudlark and longed for the ‘grockles’ to disappear back to their homes. Not a very commercial view, with hindsight but such is youth!