I'm amazed and truly thankful

I finished my 1st pod last night, it was passiflora pod 3, i slept for 9 and a half hours, woke once, but went strqight back to sleep. I never thought I’d have a decent nights sleep again, not after 15 years of awful and broken sleep. I cannot thank you enough, and cant wait to try the valerian, I’m speechless, with the worry of the cancer in the back of my mind, hooefully forever, im coping with the stoma, ish, and recovering from 2 major ops in 3 weeks, i cant begin to tell you how much better i feel for having some really great sleep. Thank you all so much


So delighted to hear that and long may it last and the sleep help in your healing :heart:


I’m truly amazed, and I actually look forward to going to bed, which is weird, but it means I don’t feel the pain and soreness of the ops, and it does help the body to heal. I’m starting my second pod tonight, can’t wait to see if its as good as the 1st. This trial found me at just the right time, and I’m truly thankful for that, I didn’t think it would work so well with me, as for nearly 20 years I’ve never slept longer than 2 hours without waking, then I’d toss and turn, but I have slept over 7 hours, been to the loo, straight back to sleep for another 4 hours, the only time I had bad sleep I was in hospital, and didn’t have the sofi stick with me, my bad, in future it goes everywhere I go! Thank you to the dedicated developers, and the team behind them.


I suffer with severe chronic pain and am actually in a bed bound stage today so I fully understand what you mean by dreading sleep previously. Not only did the SoFi stick get me into the habit of closing time and prepare for sleep but it has actually helped me to sleep better for sure. The Valerian wasn’t as succesful for me but the passiflora has been excellent. I got 7hrs 51mins straight sleep last night after a particularly stressful day at the doctor’s and while entering pain flare territory so all I wanted to do was sleep to escape and the Sofi alongside my pain medication succeeded in helping me get there too. I am in a world of pain today but at least I’m not exhausted like I usually am xx

Genuinely happy for you . I completely understand where you’re coming from asma fellow off the scale pain warrior. Good luck and glad you’re with us xx


Inknow about chronic pwintoo, i have degenerative disc disease, my spines crumbling from the bottom up, but ive found that i can deal with the back pain, and the cancer ops etc better thqn when i hardly slept. Long may ut continue for all of us pioneers.


Thats brilliant, can’t wait to receive mine, havent slept properly for about 15 years, tried everything toom


Wow that’s amazing. I truly wish to sleep for 6 hours the only way I manage that is by taking my sleeping tablets which I don’t want to due to their side affects. I didn’t have my much joy with passion flower and prefer valerian which relaxes me a bit but still can’t get that deep sleep.
Melatonin helped but could only take for 3 months as per my GP. Been referred to sleep clinic three months ago still waiting.
I wish everyone on here to experience the best sweetest deep prolonged sleep which we all yearn and need.
Good luck


You know we are so extremely grateful to be able to work on a project that could have an impact and reading this gives us all more impetus to keep going, to keep pushing … thank you so much for being a part of this journey with us @MissTQ :pray: xx


Wonderful to hear that. :pray:
Thank you for taking the time to let us know. Wishing you strength for the rest of your recovery :blush::herb:


Dear @MissTQ, this is the best news and immensely happy to hear about it. You are one of the brave pioneers in our community. Sleep Is very crucial to our health, and you will recover from all your ailment as you do. All the best with speedy recovery x :hugs: