I found my missing pod whoohoo!

Well after searching high and low for 2 wks iive found my missing pod! My 3rd ashwagandha :partying_face: And oh how ive missed it. Whilst journalling on S3 ive noticed I was much calmer and happier. So whilst id lost my pod id upped my intake of ashwagandha and found that id carried on feeling much more zen. My sleep had been better but i put that down to all the sunshine. Im literally like a lizard and am a much healthier happier person on the hotter sunnier day’s.
Anyhoo back to the ashwagandha. It was hiding behind my husbands fathers day present, ha!!! So im on the last bottle and i believe this with passionflower is the combo for me my mental health and my sleeping health :sleeping: :green_heart: Its a happy day​:partying_face::partying_face: