Im having problems pairing the stick up again

Im having lots of problems with the stick not pairing, i got a petal when i journaled today, but it just wont pair up, ive tried everything, all your suggestions, but it hasnt worked, the only thing i haven’t tried is deleting the app again, any other suggestions please


Yes you might find uninstalling the app and downloading again will fix it😄


Hi @MissTQ, have you been able to confirm that it’s not a battery issue? I’ll attach a fuller thread here with all that information, but effectively for our current prototype, the batteries run out of juice every 10-12 days.

The easiest way to check this is to pop off the top cap of your sofi stick, remove the green sofi electronic “brain” and press the teeny tiny button underneath to check for a green light. No green light = battery is dead, while a green light = all good!

We do have a manual spray button available to log any sprays in the meantime, and this is detailed just here: Not registering all my sprays - #52 by alexwalkerjones

Please let me know if that helps at all! xx


Hi Alex, youre spot on, its the battery, i didnt think of that, probably because I’m a wee bit stressed, though my sleep is amazing, 9.5 hours last night woke twice, but went back to sleep immediately, have other half trying to find a battery over the weekend. I had read about the rechargeable sticks, but when i think about it, i hadn’t recharged it either!! I take 5 or 6 sprays 30 mins before bed, and when my head hits the pillow, I’m asleep, been years since that happened, sooo grateful to be a pioneer. Keep up the good work. I’m on my 2nd pod of passiflora, but as i told you, the 3rd isnt working, if i spray it into my mouth, its just a couple of drops, I’ve had the top of it off, cleaned it, etc but still doesnt work. I’ve just found the pre paid postage bag that you included in the box, should i finish all the passiflora and pop a note in to explain about the 3rd pod, or wait until i have more empty pods? I’ll be moving onto valerian in the next week, so if you want me to mail them back i can get steve to do it for me.


Hi @MissTQ, and so glad that it was the battery in the end! Indeed, it will be a relief when rechargeable batteries are implemented in the S3 with the latest build of our sofi sticks.

There is no rush to return the empty plant pods, so if it’s no convenience, feel free to hold onto them until your valerian refill pods are empty and can be included too! :blush: :seedling: