New battery maybe?

My stick was working fine yesterday, I’ve tried pairing it with my new phone today & it won’t connect. The blue light isn’t even coming on the stick, could it possibly be the battery need changing?


Morning @Dannx isually if you don’t see a blue light (establishing Bluetooth Bridge) or a green light (counting a press) the common issue is that the sofi stick has finished its battery. Our stick pings for its home twice a second all the time and usually after 1.7 million calls home or just around ten days we see it having depleted its battery. Whilst that’s ten times longer than day my mobile which runs out every day - so great when we move to S3 and a rechargeable stick during our prototype builds of S1 and S2 we will require the change with new batteries. Adding @alexwalkerjones here in case you have any issues either finding the battery and of course we are more than happy to cover any costs. We were hoping to have shipped the boxes with spares but our delivery companies don’t seem to like loose spare batteries in electronic boxes. Let us know how you get on Joanne. xx :pray:


Thank you so much! I’ll order some batteries and give that a go :blush: x