Sofi stick stopped working 😭

When my pioneer pack first arrived I had issues getting the counter to work on my app, and the lovely woman at Sofi decided it must be malfunctioning and said they’d send me out a new one. So no sprays were recorded for my first pod (Valerian) and I’m not sure when the new stick is supposed to arrive… So started my 2nd pod (Ashwa), still no counter though it was connecting to the app, but now (around 7 days in) my stick has given up the ghost completely and quit even connect to the app and more. I’m not sure if I should just pause everything until the new stick arrives (and who knows when that will be?!) or continue spraying and journalling even though the app doesn’t even register which pod I’m using at the moment? It’s a real shame cos I’ve been getting on well with Ashwa!


Hi @JenniB - thanks for your post!

I apologize for quite a delay but I can confirm your new pod was shipped to you on the 24th of January! That being said, I believe it should be with you next week :pray: :herb:

Since you are already 7 days in with ashwagandha, I would recommend finishing it up since the amount left should only last for around 3 more days. However, before you receive your pod, please keep journaling as regularly as you can without using the formulations - if that is available to you! Once your pod arrives, you can continue with as usual :cherry_blossom:

Let me know if you have any further questions!


Hi Marina :slight_smile: it arrived this morning! I’m having a few teething issues… Though different from last time! Lol when I put my Bluetooth on on my phone I can see the Sofi stick waiting to pair, but when I open the app it doesn’t seem to want to read the stick now … When I press the plunger I do get a green light registering the dose… But it’s not connecting to the counter still, or counting down the sprays! I’m going to try uninstalling and reinstalling sofi app I think? It’s all I can think of to try and fix this latest hiccup! Lol


I uninstalled and reinstalled the Sofi app and … IT’S WORKING! yay :blush: my stick is paired, it’s registering whenever I open the app AND the counter is working!

Thanks Marina :slight_smile: x


The app equivalent of ‘have your tried turning it off and on again?’ :smiley:

Nicely done ma’m!


Haha! Exactly that :rofl: but hey it worked lol and all is running smoothly now my new stick has arrived (I’ve sent the old one back, thank you for sending the postage label Sofi team! It was really easy! :wink: it’s a shame I’ve only had a working stick for Ashwa, which I’ve just started tonight… I must have opposing taste buds to everyone else because I really liked the grapefruit of Valerian, and the citrusy, tart flavour of the Passi but I can’t get on with the “caramel” flavour of the Ashwa (I literally have to breathe through my nose to take the sprays lol). But at least it’s paired and the counter works :slight_smile: thanks to all who helped me get this sorted! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: