Im in rhe uk is this still something that i could try

I’m javing a bad time trying to sleep, what with a cancer diagnosis and stress i barely get 3 hours of broken sleep a might. Is this just a US product, as I’m in the UK


@MissTQ welcome to our community here. I’m based in London and much of the sofi team and Pioneer Community are based here in the U.K. … so you can absolutely be a part of this. I am also adding our lovely @pamelaspence into this just to make sure there are no contra with any medications - depending on plant. I am assuming you are in the process of baselining which means you will have an opportunity to be part of the S3 program with Ashwaghanda when it goes live … adding @alexwalkerjones here so we can support you throughout the process. Once again delighted to have you here … I think you will find a deeply caring and compassion community that’s not only helping us shape sofi and prepare her for the real world next year, but also importantly helping and sharing their experiences with each other for which we feel incredibly blessed. Wishing you as restful a night as possible :pray:


Hello @MissTQ,

Welcome to the Treehouse! Sorry to hear that you are challenged by cancer at the moment. If you are on a treatment regime you may want to run the herb we’re using past your medical team.

We’ve created a page so you can do that and if you have just joined us I think you should be lined up to receive ashwagandha - is that right, @alexwalkerjones?

If so, the page for your doctor is here:

Hope that helps! :blush::herb:


That’s right @pamelaspence !

@MissTQ - Welcome and so sorry to hear about your current struggle with sleep and health. You are on track to participate in our S3 Program and of course, let me know if you have any questions at all about the process to reserve your Pioneer box as I would be more than happy to guide your though it :blush:

We are grateful to have you here.


Thats great to hear, at the moment I am just struggling to get any decent sleep, cancer is definitely a challenge, but I like a challenge!! I am base lining, soing my daily check in, I can’t wait to Tey this, and when it’s time for chemo, I will of course run everything by my oncologist, just to be on the safe side


I think you’ve got it all down @MissTQ and certainly with your attitude, it sounds like cancer is the one that should be worried :slight_smile: