Impulsive overdrive

Oh dear, Sofi have been super efficient and sent my next set of pods (valerian) but still got n03 left and half of n01 (ashwaghanda) - the ADHD side of me can’t wait to move on and just wants to skip to it - but I won’t.

On that point I have trouble with adherence, anybody got any advice on how to remember the spray, and what are the best times?


HI @anthonyhill29 - thank you for your message!

I can only imagine how hard it must keeping that interest to move on at bay! You are doing great:)

When I get a new pack of refills I always taste all of them right way because how can one possibly be patient enough not to try them out right there and then? You are not alone!

In regards to adherence, have you made use of notifications to spray/journal in your sofi app? I noticed it definitely helped me being more consistent. You can activate them by tapping person-shaped icon in the top right corner of your sofi app and scrolling down to “notification settings”. You can activate your notifications after clicking the tab!

Good luck :leaves: :sofi_moon:

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