Is it possible to buy without subscription?

Hey Sofi Team! I was wondering when it might be possible to buy a single set of pods, without subscribing to a monthly sign-up? Or… If it’s not possible yet, can I sign up and then cancel after a month? I’m happy that Passi is the pod for me, but I can’t afford to spend a recurring £45 EVERY month!!! I’m happy to pay that account once, and just try and not use the pod every day to see how long they’ll last me lol :rofl: but month by month it’s too much for me (& my payment dates move because I’m currently not working and on 3 different benefits!! So monthly D/D’s are literally a NIGHTMARE!).

I’m nervous about signing up and getting tied into a recurring payment every month that I can’t afford on dates I can’t control. If it’s easy enough to cancel after the first payment though, I’ll just go for it. I’ll then repeat this the next time I need a set.

I miss my Passi pod lol (not really feeling it with Ashwa tbh, but my stick was broken and had to be replaced so this last pod is the only one that has tracked properly through the app).

Also… The website says £45/mth (as I have a stick, being a pioneer) and a £5 discount for being a pioneer… But it’s still calculating at £45 payment (surely it should be £40 with the discount?!).
Thanks for your help! As always lol x


Hey @JenniB! Thanks for your post and hopefully we can find an option that gets some passiflora back into your hands!

While we currently do not offer a standalone set of capsules for purchase, we can definitely get your signed up for a single refill of 3x passiflora capsules (pod-free as you already have one that works!), and with your Pioneer Discount.

Once your order is shipped, I can ensure that we go ahead and cancel your subscription. You’ll be free to re-start this anytime (as and when you run out of passiflora) by going through the exact same process - however, please note that your Pioneer discount can only be applied the once.

To do this head to order - Sofi, and complete the subscription survey. When providing your full name and email, do make sure that your email matches the one attached to your sofi app account so that your app and subscription can be connected seamlessly!

Based on your survey answers a different plant may be recommended, but as you already know that passiflora works, of course, you can select that one to proceed with, ticking the box “I already have a pod,” as pictured below:

Finally, use the code PIONEER in all caps for that discount on your first order.

I hope that helps, and feel free to ping me when your capsules arrive so we can cancel before your next shipment. xx