Is Sofi legitimate? (No delivery received)

Ive been on Sofi as part of the pioneer programme since April. I was waiting a while for my delivery and questioned this with an advisor who reassured me everything was fine & I’d recieve my Sofi spray as part of the S3 delivery. The app tells me i’ve done everything necessary - recieved my pebble and uploaded photo etc and to pair my Sofi when it arrives.

I’ve since seen that S3 has been shipped and ive still not recoeved anything.

Im starting to think Sofi is a bit of a con & they are just collecting my data with false promise. :confused:

Can anyone give me reassurance? How long after signing up did you receive your Sofi Spray?


Hi there,
I was in the same boat for the longest time. I was constantly wanting for a fee to be applied when using these products. If you have gotten to the stage where you received a pebble and sent visual confirmation the only advice i can offer is to be patient. For me the sparay couldn’t come quick enough and i was incredibly impatient as my poor sleep regime was badly affecting my day to day living. Hopefully when you do receive your pack you can appreciate why this would take so much time to supply free of charge. Im very impressed with the professionalism if every aspect of the sofi experience.
Sit tight.


I too have been waiting a few months now… it is frustrating to have anxiety for a long time an want it gone… need to remember that this is a free service.
I have my pebble and am waiting for next batch of device thing to be sent. Im sure we will have our device within this month or next.
I had another massive attack yesterday and cant wait no more for this free device, so i am goimg to see local pharmacy and pay for wharever they recommend untill my pack from here arrives. You may need to do the same thing if not getting any treatment.
You can buy Ashwagandha from amazon for £8 as well


No it is not a con, i joined 18 months ago and had to wait 6 or 7 months for my first trial herb sprays.
Things are moving much quicker now so you shouldnt have to wait nearly as long, but may have to be a bit patient until the next lot are processed, ready to go out.

Collecting your data without sprays is only useful to sofi when you get the sprays and they can compare the difference, so they are not just collecting them for their own sake. However you need to keep journalling because more information is better for the sofi analysis; and ultimately better for you to get good feedback from the different herbs.