Is this safe for children?

My step son has awful sleep issues. He is 8 years of age
For the last 2 years we’ve been trying to encourage lone sleeping. We’ve tried everything, from sleep therapist to melatonin(he still takes this at mums). He is so anxious to sleep by himself. We have had to put a mattress on the bedroom floor for him to sleep on when he comes in after 1am(thats the rule) because hes getting too big and its uncomfortable him being in the bed. He’ll worry before bedtime, we have a decent routine, usually playing outside before bed or we sit and do colouring /puzzles/boardgame, no tv before bed. He’ll have a bath or shower every night, dad will read him a book, lavender is sprayed around the room and relaxing music is played. We are stuck! I really hope this is suitable for children because I’d love to try it on him!


Hi @Janine, and thanks for being here. I’m sorry to hear about your son’s struggles with sleep, and can imagine that that’s quite stressful.

I’m going to tag @pamelaspence, our in-house medical herbalist to see if she can provide some additional information regarding traditional use of the herbs we use in children :slight_smile:

It is always sensible to speak with a healthcare provider before using sofi, should there be any concern. For specific ingredient specs and any drug interaction information that you may want to go over with a doctor, you can find this available for each of our current plants at:

And our next plant is actually Chamomile if it helps!


Hello @Janine,

So sorry to hear your stepson is having a difficult time with sleep.

Sofi is formulated and designed for adults so you really would need to speak to his GP to get their advice on whether or not it would be appropriate for him in his unique situation. It may be that they are comfortable with the use of herbs but may suggest a lower number of sprays.

Herbs can be safely used to support children under the supervision of a herbalist or other medical professional, but it’s important to get their input to make sure there are no contraindications or other better solutions.

The links @alexwalkerjones has shared with you can be shared with your family doctor to help answer their questions around the sprays we offer.

I hope that’s helpful to you :blush::herb: