Sofi and children

I’m just wondering. I have a 15 year old daughter with additional need, among lots of mental health diagnosis. She really struggles to sleep and I would looooove it if sofi could be beneficial to her mental health too.


@pamelaspence @casarett might be able to answer that? I believe valerian is safe to use for both children and adults but I’ll leave that answer to those in the know :slight_smile:


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Good morning all!
I so wish there was a straight forward answer here… however it depends on a few things. When it comes to children it’s a bit like the ‘is valerian safe in pregnancy?’ question - to which the answer is - we can’t say because no-one can study effects on pregnant women. Which is frustrating, but the safe answer.
So for your daughter we also can’t answer the question with clarity. BUT here are a few things that might help to get that answer. Firstly if she is of close to adult height and weight then it is more likely she can use it (if she was 6 years old, say it would be more of an issue because the dose would be too big for her). Secondly, and most importantly, valerian can interact with some pharmaceutical medications - and particularly some that are used to treat mental health conditions including anxiety. We’ve put up an extra information page here for you on that Valerian . So I would check through the list of meds and if you daughter isn’t on any of those, then take that information to your health care provider and talk it through with them.
I hope that helps and I’m sorry it’s not the straight yes you hoped for!
@alexwalkerjones tagging you in case this reply is helpful to others :slight_smile:


Thankyou so much. She’s quite underweight for her age so it may not be a good idea. I will have a look at the tag about valerian. Thankyou :expressionless:


It’s definitely worth a chat with her healthcare team. Hope it works out for her :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: