Its been a while since I waffled

Just in case anyone was wondering whether I’d disappeared off the face of the earth, no such luck, I’m still here, going on my merry journey of life, ups and downs, a lot of downs recently, but some ups too, still having chemo, but tumours shrinking, good news, had a mini stroke, bad news, but on blood thinners now, to add to the ever growing list of meds I’m on, both cats that were ill are back to their usual sevles now, good news, the kitten is now approx 10 months and is at the stage where he looks like a foal, all long legs and looks thin, though he’s eating me out of house and home, so all 3 cats are running round at different points of the day, usually when I’m asleep, and yes, I’m sleeping a lot, though not from my beloved passiflora, which I’m amassing quite the stash, this time the chemo has hit me like a ton of bricks, so thats one of the reasons I’ve not been around so much, my apologies to everyone who has missed my waffling posts, @dcm.leeds :grinning:, I was also wondering if we had any news on the new plant formula, hops I think I remember being mentioned, and I’m sure @alexwalkerjones will know more on that. I hope everyone’s doing ok, and is managing to get some sleep, and also that Sofi is turning over into the business world and doing well. I shall be trying to pop in more and keep up with whats going on with the business and the new plants, and waffle on.


Lovely to have you back and waffling. We missed you.


We all need to waffle on sometimes, thanks for the vote of confidence