Without trying to sound like a broken record

Any news on when the subscription kicks in, I’m ok for a few weeks, as I have some beloved passiflora, I still can’t rest easy, as I know at some point it will run out in the next 3 weeks or so, wondered if there was a definite date that they will start to be mailed out to those of us who will cut down on anything to get a decent nights sleep, and I’m restarting chemo in November, not great as it is for 16 rounds, so every other week, so christmas will be very quiet this year, at least i hope it will, we usually go out for Christmas lunch, not really bothered this year. I know i mentioned the C word, but my local shops have decorations in, have had since August. I’m guessing it is because it makes the shelves look fuller, never seen them so low, damn Brexit. Enough ranting now. @alexwalkerjones is there any news yet to brighten up my month


When I said C word I meant christmas, not cancer, just thought I’d clarify this


Hi @MissTQ , and thanks for waiting while I double checked out customer shipment ETA with the team.

We are currently looking at mid-end of November for those shipments to go out (and hopefully on the earlier end of that!) Lots of moving parts to organise and test in the next 30 days!

I suspect another round of chemo is likely the very last thing you’re looking forward to, but I know that you are a force to be reckoned with - and we will be cheering you on from our little treehouse window, always! :revolving_hearts: :window:


Hi @alexwalkerjones, good to know that its getting nearer to the subscription delivery, and thanks for the positivity, I’m trying to be positive, but other halfs away, has another 9 days, i couldn’t face the whole travelling, packing, unpacking etc, and he has gone to do some metal detecting on the beaches, I know I need to get out more, I’m anemic, thsts a new thing, along with iron levels very low and I’m just so cold all the time, even when its 30c in my living room I was wrapped up, with a thick fleece over me, too much hassle on top of the worry I have about scans and everything, but I will go forward with a smile, however forced it is, cancer will not beat me, and my sister dragged me out to the local supermarket today, she was christmas shopping, I didn’t have the energy, but its not far away she tells me. :grimacing: but I’m happy to watch the rugby and hope that england can make it to the final of the world cup and actually win again. :rugby_football: