Learning more about Sofi and how it works how it reflects my lifestyle how it would help me sleep, myself

As I learn about Sofi I am very curious about it I like reading about it with the sea the stones and how things work I’m excited to get to know more about this


What a lovely message @Patty1118 - we so glad to have caught your interest and excitement. Should there be anything you are especially curious about please let us know, and of course a wealth of information is available by searching the treehouse and exploring around!

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I loved the tutorial that sofi gave me about how everything works, treehouse and more, I can’t find it now, it was before the update, but it was really interesting. I’m in a great mood today, nearly 10 hours of good quality sleep last night, I’m in a great mood, haven’t reached for pain meds, but I’m about to go to my chemo appt, hey ho, glad i had such a great night, im keeping everything crossed that theres a few packs left after everyone has had thheir ashwagandha, and that maybe, just maybe, I could get a refill, only a few days left, as 2 of my pods weren’t full, but I don’t think anything could knock me off my wonderful night sleep high :heart_eyes_cat:!!! Its a great insight as to how a great nights sleep affects so many different things, mood, pain etc, I hope others ate getting some restful sleep too, it really does help in many ways, its only when you have a greatnights sleep after a long time of insomia, that you realise how it affects everything. Right, time to go for my chemo, hopefully I sleep as well tonight, its usually difficult to drop off the night after chemo, and its a week getting over it, and a week feeling not too bad, then theres more to have, I have 6 rounds left, so about 3 months. Keep the hope up, as sofi and all the team really do care about sleep and about the products, and I’m so glad i found this trial just after my diagnosis, it was a year ago this last sunday that I was diagnosed, and with the passiflora and ashwagandha I’ve had good sleep, last night was the best, valerian wasn’t as great, but it did help a little, and sometimes a little help can become a great help. Keep the faith pioneers, it does help. :pray: :smiley: