Lost points

Lost points- Since I had to delete and then re-download the app I have lost all my points from my journaling etc. please can someone advice me how I can get my points back as I spent months earning them :frowning: thank you in advance

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Hi @Jaxx - Thanks for your message!

I can see in the system that you have 2 accounts with sofi! If your progress has been reset, it’s most likely that you may have logged in, in a different way (i.e. using google sign-in or apple, when previously you just used direct email log-in). It also looks like your email was not added to your original sofi account with progress, meaning the log-in procedure was not done through direct email log-in, but with a different method.

Please let me know if logging in a different way takes you back to your original account.! Please do rest assured that I can see the progress of your previous account, and so as long as we can figure out how to get you back in there, everything will be saved and you can begin right where you left off! :pray: :sofi_moon:


Hi thank you for your prompt reply. I originally logged in through Facebook but with that I did not need to add my email and address etc as it said it was logged in through my Facebook profile. I was advised to try to try downloading the app again so I took it off my phone and downloaded it through the app shop on my phone. This time seemed to work well as it asked for my email address and home address. It would be this second profile that is correctly done and the one logged in through the Facebook app that needs to be deleted but unfortunately that is the one with all my original progress and points on. X


@Jaxx - I am so sorry for all of the account confusion!

I will clarify with the technical team how to add your email to your original sofi account and get back to you asap:) :pray: :cherry_blossom:


Thank you so much i really appreciate that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: xxx