ME/CFS Advice/Website links/Experiences

I have just been diagnosed with ME, also called CFS. I am waiting for a diagnosis for Fibromyalgia and investigations into the cause of my ME. Once the MDT meeting takes place and I receive the report, I feel like I will receive the much needed diagnoses and help with getting back to the happy go lucky, active, fun self!
Does anyone else suffer with ME or Fibro?

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Hi Zoe, I’ve had Fibro (and arthritis) for many years and therefore chronic pain especially during flare-ups, so i can sympathise.
We are not alone in here. I have read that many pioneers suffer from Fibro and other conditions that make a carefree life difficult.

I hope that your doc can give you something to help. They often prescribe Amytriptyline which works for some. I have tried it twice but it makes me feel too groggy in the daytime, like walking through treacle!

I hope you feel better soon and can get some good sleep - that always helps to reduce pain and fatigue i think :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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