Chronic Pain .... observations and what helps you

What have you tried for it?

I wonder if any other Pioneers on here who suffer from chronic pain would be happy to share what type of pain they have plus their experiences and observations about what may affect it, and better still, improve it ?

Have you noticed any difference with weather conditions, or amount of sleep for example? Have you found any medicines or herbal supplements that seem to help you such as amitriptyline or turmeric, devil’s claw, or other herbal products? Do you take regular pain killers or manage it in other ways?

I expect a lot of people live with chronic pain, and I don’t know about others but it’s not easy to talk about with friends, especially if they don’t experience it; we don’t want to be thought of as moaners!

I would be very interested to hear about other Pioneers with chronic pain and if they have found any remedy that helps. Perhaps others would be interested too?


I’ll start with my experience.
I have joint and muscle pain - arthritis and fibromyalgia, and have pretty much been in constant pain for 20 years, which gets worse during flare ups.

I’m not yet sure what causes the bad flare ups but i did discover that my pain was very much reduced for the first time in ages during the very dry period of weather that we had for weeks in July and August in southern Britain. The first relief for a very long time and i was so grateful for it. Now the pain is starting to creep back.

No problem then - i just have to move to a desert! Hmmm, not such an easy solution!

Over the last 2 decades my doc asked me to try amitriptyline on 2 occasions, which also supposedly helps with sleep. I believe this is quite commonly prescribed for fibromyalgia. After a short while i had to give it up each time. I felt so groggy during the day, like I was walking through treacle and living in a fog. I was on a low dose too, far lower than the dose given as an anti -depressant. Goodness knows how people on higher doses can function except I guess this is another example of how individuals vary in their chemistry and responses to different medications or herbal remedies.

There seem to be various herbal supplements to help arthritis. I bought some turmeric recently but i keep forgetting to take it … duh! Must try harder. Anyone with arthritis finding that turmeric helps? Or other things e.g. glucosamine? MSM?

It would be so good to find something effective especially if it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


I used to take amitriptyline daily for back issues I had ( disk hernia from accident) amitriptyline was amazing when I first took it , except according to the OH my eyes used to roll in the back of my head :joy::joy::joy: but it used to make me feel groggy the following day up til lunch time then.
Im no longer needed to be prescribed it now luckily and don’t think I’d ever go back to it :joy::joy:


I have self diagnosed myself with fibromyalgia but I’m hopefully getting a doctor’s appointment tomorrow :crossed_fingers: to find out more.

I have always struggled with sleep, I always put it down to mental health problems but more recently I’ve been struggling with my joints, muscles and just general pain in my limbs


I know I react badly on sugar :disappointed_relieved: my joints knick and knack loudly when I have to much sugar. And every muscle in my body hurts like it’s going to snap any minute.

I use tumeric at the moment the gummy tumeric from h&b
Iron tablets as I’m low on iron
And omega 3 oils
And try to cut out on sugar as much as I can but it’s in so many things and to be fair I just love sweet :rofl::rofl::rofl: