Missing pod message

I am almost at the end of my third pod and I’m getting a message saying “Insert Pod - it seems that we’re missing the sofi pod in your sofi stick”


Hi Susan,

Thanks for your message! Have you tried removing and reinserting the plant pod with any luck? It may also be the case that the battery in your sofi stick has died, and therefore isn’t able to recognise the pod any longer.

To check this, simply remove the top cap on the sofi stick, take out the green electronic sofi “brain,” and press the tiny button underneath to check for a green light.

If not green light appears, I’m afraid your battery is out and will need replacing (Pioneer Boxes | FAQs and how-to's - #69 by alexwalkerjones)

Please let me know if that helps to solve this at all! Otherwise happy to jump on a zoom to check out whether anything mechanical is going on :slight_smile:


Hi Alex,

I checked the battery and it was fine. After removing and re-inserting the battery cap several times the app eventually recognised the pod.

Thanks, Susan


Brilliant! So happy to hear :sparkles: :sofi_moon: