Pod wont go in stick

Im Having trouble with the pod going in to the stick… it dosnt reach the top. Gets stuck just before the opening of the spray. Tried pushing it in but just starts to spray inside the stick … any ideas on how to fix this issue?

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It’s possible that you are trying the old sofi pods and capsules together @naziqbal76 as I don’t think that the new first wave of Ashwa would have reached anyone yet … you will be receiving new Pioneer Packs with 3rd gen sofi pods and Ashwa capsules … adding @alexwalkerjones here to see if we can solve this for you :pray:


Thank you @Kaveh, and thanks for your post @naziqbal76!

With your S3 Pioneer Pack (on its way!), you’ll receive our latest sofi pod with the new technology (and rechargeable batteries) in it and ashwagandha formulations, so please feel free to put aside the old sofi pod/unit!

If your old sofi pod is pair with your sofi app at all, you may have to unpair them so your app connects to the new device instead.

I hope that helps put your mind at ease and here should you need any support when you Pioneer Pack arrives! :blush:

PS For all pioneers who have already confirmed their address via the pioneer journey map (compass icon in the sofi app), we’ll send out an email titled “sofi | setting up your pioneer pack” as each pack is officially sent - and tracking info should arrive to you by email not too long after.

Can’t wait for everyone to try this plant! xx